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The things one hears while working... 
04:25am 31/12/2004
mood: blah

So, interesting conversation that happened while I was working today...

A couple of the customers were talking about this transgender (?) guy....(has all the manly bits but lives as a woman) that this girl knew from somewhere. Who is married...to a lesbian...

We came to the conclusion; they were both a bit half assed in their way of life ;)

NOTE: Please, no one take offense to this....it was a pretty innocent conversation (I have an odd sense of humor in the first place).
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11:13pm 28/12/2004
mood: aggravated
hey, although it's very small, i'm joining this community because it is genius! i've been a barista during the summers for about 3 years now. at the moment i'm pissed because i really want to work at a coffee house while i'm in school (i'm a junior at Sarah Lawrence College), but my school's coffee house sucks so bad, and the main coffee shop in my area, Slave to the Grind, won't hire me (they only seem to hire kids from Purchase even though SLC is right down the street.

So...my name is Stephanie, I'm 20, i'm a out-of-work barista, and i'm pissed! Hi :)
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go emo boy go! 
08:09pm 16/11/2004
mood: thirsty
So here I am at work.

I was hoping for a relatively calm night of listening to my music and doing some homework (oh yeah! and working), but this guy is playing...and wow, depressing music to say the least.
We gotta' get some good music soon...

Aside from that, the 2 girls at the counter are driving me nuts (ok, note to the 2 of ya': you're not that funny...and your laugh is enough to make me want to gouge out my eyes. thank you.).
Ok, with that...I'm gonna' go make myself something tasty.

EDIT: I suppose this guy isn't SO bad...just a bit whiney
10:51pm 08/11/2004
  If the open mic nights aren't bad enough we've got assholes like this guy coming in and pounding away, to my heart's discontent, on the keys.

More info on "Elton John":

When he was almost done killing my soul, he says, "Wait, wait! I know what I know!"
Well... it's always good to "know what you know". -At least he knows that much, if nothing else.
07:55pm 07/11/2004
mood: blah
Well, I suppose I should start this off.

Um, this was created somewhat on a whim.
Background story, I along with nicotinequeen work at this coffee shop in the city.
Great job.

However, last night as I arrived nicotinequeen was not in the best of moods. Appearently, all she wanted to do was play her own music (a reasonable request I think), but this guy came in and started *loudly* playing our piano.
Now, this wouldn't have been an issue...HAD HE REMEMBERED ANY OF THE SONGS HE WAS ATTEMPTING TO PLAY!!! I think the only one he did actually remember was the theme to Halloween, which after working last weekend (halloween), I really didn't care to hear it again.
He eventually left. Thankfully (I was about to hurt him after he butchered "Let It Be" and "Imagine"), he walked out muttering something about how we needed to fix our piano. *rolls eyes*

Of course, my favorite is when it's 10 mins before close and convincing people that it's 3am and you're running off sleep deprivation and wanna' close up and go home all they respond with is "man, we just wanna' hang out...can't you keep it open a little longer?"